The world of functional screen printing


The online reference guide features screen printing applications in numerous industrial fields. What is screen printing capable of? What are the industrial, functional applications of that specialised printing technology? The online reference guide provides answers to those questions and illustrate them with numerous examples. Consumers and customers are hardly aware that screen printing is present in products they use every day. This poses a challenge to screen printers who struggle with explaining their full capacities to the customers. is a project of the German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm), Berlin bvdm, the Deutsches Institut Druck, DID with support of the Stuttgart Media University (screen printing department) HdM. It is implemented in cooperation with screen printing companies and suppliers of systems and materials.

Screen Printing

The screen printing process is characterized by its great variety and flexibility in its printing forms, formats, printing substrates, printing substances (paints, pastes, diverse substances). This allows the use of the process for technical as well as functional applications in almost all industries and manufacturing sectors. Again and again, we witness not only new, but also applications which have been further developed. Many product innovations have been enabled through special screen printing ¬applications. This website shows examples from many application fields and economic sectors and aims to provide suggestions and solutions for new and improved products.
The features of screen printing are: flexibility of print sizes from very small to very large; flexibility of the printing form (2D, 3D, shaped stencils, cylindrical stencils etc.); flexible ink application; coating technology; deposition of various substances (viscosity, coating thickness); resolution (mesh fineness); durability and stability; resistance to chemical and physical influences as well as weather influences.

Aim of the project

To ensure that applications in technical and functional screen printing are fully documented. The main focus is on industrial and commercial screen printing. All other applications in the graphic and textile screen printing fields will also be included. Our target groups are potential customers, product developers in a variety of industries, as well as trainees, technical colleges and universities. They should all benefit from suggestions and information.

Why not present your examples?

We wish to document as many screen printing applications as possible and make them accessible to a wide audience. The input of example data is open to all users and system manufacturers. The validation takes place via the editorial team. Why not showcase your example? This is an opportunity for you to present examples applicable to your key activities and specialist fields on this website and thus make them accessible to your target groups.



Project Background

The public perception of screen printing is mainly associated with graphic products – e.g.– as 4-colour prints on white paper or similar substrates. Technical screen printing, however, is much more frequently used in the production of consumer and capital goods, machinery and plant engineering, etc. This concerns, e.g. in-house applications at consumer goods manufacturers ("Coca-Cola bottles") but just as equally, products or services available from service providers and production companies whether in the print and media industry or not (for example: membrane switches, dials, heaters, antennas, printed batteries, sensors, glass and ceramic products, textiles and many others).